Kandt House Natural History Museum

A perhaps more optimistic place to visit while in Kigali is the Kandt House. The former home of Dr. Richard Kandt, a physician and explorer who traveled to Rwanda in 1897, the house has a strongly historical air. Kandt is credited with being one of the founders of the city in 1907, when he established a base for the center of administration for German East Africa. He also discovered one of the sources of the mighty Nile River. Situated just 10 kilometers from Kigali International Airport and the city center, this attraction is easily accessed by tourists.

Last but not least, it is the only remaining mark of the former Natural History Museum, that is; a temporary exhibition of live snakes, and a baby crocodile (measured 1 m in 2017). While visiting this external part, one can enjoy the view of spectacular surrounding scenery, most importantly, stunning view of Kigali, Shyorongi, and Jari mountains.

At the present moment, Kandt House Museum comprises three main parts:

The first part presents Rwandan life in all its aspects (social, economic, and politically: monarchism) before the colonial period.

Why to visit Kandt House Natural History

In the second part, which is the biggest one, the museum traces experience of Rwandan people during the colonial period, more specifically under the German rule from 1884 (the time of Berlin conference), throughout colonial administration, World War I, few to mention; up to 1916, including Richard Kandt life and his deeds in Rwanda.

Another attractive gallery is the third part where the history of Kigali; Kigali before colonial time, during colonial, and its naissance as capital city, is well presented.

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